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Service your vintage watch!
I just got this picture back from my watchmaker:

From the outside this watch looked great and ran ok:

His words:
[i]The only one I had problems with was the 8325 Seikomatic R on which the case was rusted and wouldn't open, even with my bench mounted opener. I was about to give up on it but it finally 'cracked' and as you'll see in the two additional pictures, it wasn't a pretty sight! Thankfully the movement was unaff
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The size of your watch does not matter
Its the size of your... Kidding here: your wrist of course. Even so, it is all fashion and culture right? I see guys with real diner plates on their wrists and I think.. why not?
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Show your Vostok Amphibia
Nice one, wouldn't you agree? Show me your Vostok Amphibia if you will...

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Show your tropical dial watch
It takes some guts to start your own thread about your watch with tropical dial - you might not get any replies.... you might not get any views. So, I arranged a safe haven for you. 
Any and all tropical dials are welcome - as long as it floats your boat.

Here is mine, a nice Eberhard

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Show your Seiko 7A Chronographs
Well here it is, an opportunity to post your 7a series chronos. There are a lot of them out there, so please show us these unknown 7a's will you?

Here is mine:

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Show your Enicar
This seems like the thing to do here, so I will start with mine:


By the way, get on over here if you want some background info on Enicar..
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Show your Bulova
It is time, so many Bulova's coming by in the WRUW thread. I just would like to have them all together for easy perusing and information..

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Show your Breitling
Here, have a Breitling with some mints...

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Service your vintage watch
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Show your Certina
Well, it seems I am the first on this particular forum, so I will show off my Certina President (no less)..

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Show your Steinhart
This one is mine, I got this. But seriously, here is my Steinhart - enjoy.

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Show Your Omega
I am curious to see what pops up in here - if y'all will cooperate?
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Show your Longines
Time for some Longines watches, I am curious as to what will be uploaded. Thanks!
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Show your Sinn
Spotted this forum before any of you apparently, so I will post my Sinn Hydro UX first - enjoy!

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Show your Dugena
A good thread right here fellows to show off your Dugenas, although I must say I have a preference for vintage I wouldn't mind the occasional modern watch ;-)


And no, I aint that old. But I do have a farm..
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Show your Favre-Leuba
It is time for some pics of these watches and I know there are plenty around on this forum, so let's post them shall we? Here is my FL Geneve...

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Show your Stowa
Stowa white is not very common to spot...


My other one of course is a regular...

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Show your Breitling
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Show your Bulova
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Show your Certina