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Omega Watches Continues to World Wide Fame
This author knows his stuff: Patrick Bedford

With impeccable precision and high quality designs, Omega watches continue to be one of the most recognizable watches in the world.
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Seiko 5 Sports World Time SRP127K1
Acted on an impulse and ordered this watch:

Will share pictures soon.
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Seiko World Time 6117-6010 "Error Bezel"
The 1969 World Time GMT automatic is not only a gorgeous watch but was also a "special" in the Seiko Line-up of the late sixties. With a linen dial and a combination of blues and reds, it just exuded class among the more garish Seiko design experiments. Like the later Alpinist product line it sported an inner ring, but of the main timezone cities. It also featured a fixed day-night ring on the dial - so for the GMT hand you can immediatley see if it is day or night "over there". 
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