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Watch memes
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Wednesday's watch
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Watch polishing and brushing
So I decided to beat everyone to the punch. Let's make this a great list of tips and tricks.

Here is mine for starters.:

Polish your watch with confidence using Cape Cod polishing cloth, and do the refinishing of the brushed steel parts with Scotchbrite pads (the brown one works great). Just make sure you rub the surface in a straight line to get a straight brush finish.
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Vintage Seiko watch finds
Sometimes you come across the craziest timepieces. Like this one. It's Alba but it is Seiko.
[Image: https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/2017052...98150c.jpg]

For the record, I did not buy it. It is too far out there.
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Watch servicing & watchmakers
For more info just read on...

I will keep a list:

The Netherlands - Jan Ubels
United States     - Spencer Klein
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Seiko Vintage Watch Catalogues
I have got a load of these catalogues to help me understand the Seiko world... And it is a strange world.


Not sure about these big uploads so I'll take it easy..




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The Seiko Elnix: a watch electrified
In the short period between 1957 and the mid 1970s Electric Watches reigned. Electric means they have a battery, either a balance wheel or a tuning fork and either electrical contacts or a transistor. This was a very short-lived transitional phase: transistors were just becoming available and mass-produced quartz watches had not yet appeared.

[color=#444444][font=Verdana]Electric Watches really have died out, the last one
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(SOLD) Guinand German Pilot Watch Series 90 with original rustikal strap
For sale a beautiful Guinand German Pilot Watch Series 90.
Watch is unfortunately too big for me. I wore it a few times.

Watch is bought on 18-11-2016.
The warranty is valid until 18-11-2018.
The original box, invoice, warranty and test report are included.
The watch includes a never worn Guinand rustikal strap

Movement Unitas 6498.
WR 10 bar.
Case 42 mm.
Lug width 22 mm.
Case thickness 11,3 mm.
Weight without strap 63 Gram.

I can offer this watch for 500 euro + shipping.
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FS: Maranez Racha diver watch (complete 2014 set)
**** SOLD ****

For sale a Maranez Racha diver watch (complete set) from 2014.
Watch is almost never worn, condition is pristine.

Watch includes:
1 brown leather Maranez strap.
1 brown leather Hirsch Assolutamente strap.
1 green rubber Maranez strap with signed buckle.
1 black rubber Benarus strap with signed buckle.
Extra metal bezel (see last picture)
Maranez canvas watch roll.

Movement: M
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The ultimate tritium watch: Tawatec
I was just thinking on doing a grand overview of tritium watches, I do like their clarity and legibility, well most of them anyway. So, I will posting on this and am hoping the friendly admin can make it a separate forum, maybe merge it with the Ball post?

First off, some brand names:

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Service your vintage watch!
I just got this picture back from my watchmaker:

From the outside this watch looked great and ran ok:

His words:
[i]The only one I had problems with was the 8325 Seikomatic R on which the case was rusted and wouldn't open, even with my bench mounted opener. I was about to give up on it but it finally 'cracked' and as you'll see in the two additional pictures, it wasn't a pretty sight! Thankfully the movement was unaff
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The movement inside a watch does not matter
I honestly wonder at times what the obsession is with movements. Does it really matter how time is kept if it is done accurately? So therefore:
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Watch review on the tube
This guy I usually find entertaining... and he does it all.. from Omega to Seiko 5 - the subject of this clip. 

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Watch comedy
Hey, what about this guy... They are always guys are they not? His older videos are the most funny. [Video:
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The ultimate solar watch
Let me kick this off. The admin graciously provided us with an empty basket. So, I will get back to y'all on this.
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The ultimate smart watch needs solar
The ultimate smart watch needs solar in my opinion, no more bs cable recharging...
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Rabbit Hole Watch Design
It is like Alice in wonderland... Yeah, I told you so. Don't go here! If you really want to immerse yourself in watch design you will never get out. So don't you go reading the next threads or posts....
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The Elka watch
Hi guys, I found an interesting article on early dutch watchmaking, in which Rolex is mentioned as just an upstart new brand... This is written in Dutch by the way.

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The ultimate tritium watch: Ball
Well, I can be short about this: Ball watches can be found in the Ball Forum.... http://www.watchiwant.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=108 In my book they are among the greatest, although I think that they are about 50% too expensive. One of the reasons I always buy Ball preowned at about 400-800 USD. They do have a consistent range of watches with plenty of evolution in the product lines. Worth mentioning are the Engineers, Trainmasters, Conductors and GMT's. But there are so many more!
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The ultimate tritium watch: Dievas
This watch is a great value for money, don't forget that tritium tubes cost about 10 USD each.... 

[size=small]The discontinued Dievas Divegraph used to have a total of 15 tritium tubes to illuminate the dial, the hour, minute and second hands. It uses the top of the line GTLS (Gaseous Tritium Light Sources) made by Swiss company MB-microtec’s trigalight technology. [color=#000000][font=Helvetica]Founded in 2006 Dievas has collaborated with milita