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Seiko Superior 9983-8000
The Superior line, eventually with multiple calibers, launched in 1976. It had a movement with an accuracy rating of 5 seconds per year at its peak, among the best Seiko has ever produced. 

From Seiko V.F.A to Superior
[size=small][color=#000000][font=Verdana]Seiko's quartz V.F.A. (
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The early Seiko Quartz calibers explained
Seiko's early quartzes can be downright intimidating, what do all these numbers and letters mean? Well, after some years of doing my research I can finally say with confidence what's what. 
As of 1971 The '38' movements were Seiko's first widely available quartz movements, but first was the 1969 Seiko Quartz Astron (100 or so made) representing a groundbreaking technological breakthrough. 


The watch’s tuning-fork-shaped quartz oscillator gave the Astron’s movement, Calib
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King Seiko 5626-7030 Superior Chronometer (Yes really)
The first automatic Kings of old were made in 1969, the 5626-7000/7010 KS Hi-Beats and the 5626-7030/7040 KS (superior) chronometers, grandly decorated with gold medallions on the caseback. 
To be fair, these were not the first “Hi-beat Chronometers officially certified”. There were "just" Automatics, stamped with that text on the dial… 
The case design of the 7000 however is clearly based on the manual-wind 45 caliber King Seiko, however it features a one-piece monobloc opened by removing the
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Seiko Quartz Superior Adverts
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The Seiko Superior value & reference list
It took some research, but here it is... complete as far as I know it.