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Chinese Bargains
This is a neglected market guys... And a whole lot of fun. Don't underestimate them, Tourbillons are made over there - as well as everything else it seems pertaining to watches.

[size=small][font=Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, Calibri, Geneva, sans-serif]Guanqin GJ16016 - Special Price on Rose Gold & Black version - [b][url=http://www.gearbest.com/men-s-watches/pp_428581.html?lkid=10863
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Guanqin Aviator
Let me just take the lead in this... though beautiful this watch does resemble....?


And will all the complications really work? Who can tell?

And I really wonder, would all of the complications function?

There are many Chinese actually, once you go looking for it.... Like this one - "Dom":

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Interesting watch here... and what is that actor guy doing in the picture? Does he know it himself? This one is around 75 USD.


Obviously an Aqua Terra homage..

And they come in flavors too!

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Yeah, the name... I know. There are more Chinese watches out there with the strangest of names.


At least it is a clean dial..
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The Kassaw K802. I am sure all these Chinese watches are homages, but so are many other watch brands...


They are about $70-$8, seemingly an Omega DeVille Hour Vision homage.
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Megir is a nice homage brand with many different styles (many are about $15-$40). Most of them are quartz, with Sunon or Miyota movements. 


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Vintage Chinese
We can laugh all we want, but the fact remains that the Chinese made some staggering inventions. I don't know about their contribution to horology but I imagine it is there.

So, show me your Chinese vintage!
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Vintage Chinese watches
Well I took up the challenge, seeing if there is something to Chinese horology - and there is! This below is from a Wiki page...

[color=#252525][size=medium][font=Helvetica]Wristwatches have been manufactured in the People's Republic of China since 1955, and despite the popular association of China with counterfeit goods and low-quality clones of Western products, the nation in fact has a [url=http://chinesewatchwiki.net/History_of_Chinese_watchmakin
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Chinese Seagull movements
The Tianjin Seagull Watch Group (Chinese: 天津海鸥) is a watchmaking company located in Tianjin, China. Founded in 1955, it is the world's largest manufacturer of mechanical watch movements, producing one quarter of total global production by volume. Quite something for starters I would say... and all of this has been documented very well on wikipedia (excerpts from that site in this post). 

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Chinese Tourbillon movements
Yes! There are cheap Tourbillons, they will cost you not somewhere in the region of 20.000 USD but just slightly over 3000 USD... 


The ST8000SA will cost you...

Polished steel
Sapphire crystal front and back
Alligator strap with adjustable folding buckle
19 Jewels
Diameter: 40mm
Water resistant to 5 ATM (50 meters)
Manual winding

Price: 3,865 € | 3,050 £ | 29,000 DKK

And here is a nice review on it..

Firstly, in terms of accuracy, the watch easily pa
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Where to buy Chinese watches - cheap!