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Watch polishing and brushing
So I decided to beat everyone to the punch. Let's make this a great list of tips and tricks.

Here is mine for starters.:

Polish your watch with confidence using Cape Cod polishing cloth, and do the refinishing of the brushed steel parts with Scotchbrite pads (the brown one works great). Just make sure you rub the surface in a straight line to get a straight brush finish.
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Omega Watches Value and Benefits
Found a nice article by Patrick Bedford

[size=large][b][font=Times New Roman]Omega watches are known for retaining their value for a long time. Each new Omega movement has to pass extensive standards. The movements are tested in existing Omega watches, and, at the same time, various lab examinations are conducted to verify the movement's ability to resist
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Why are all vintage KQ and GQ bracelets different?
I swear, once your vintage King Quartz has a broken band you are up shit creek. I mean, all my vintage Seiko KQ bands are different! Just try getting the missing links or even another one.
Yeah, that happened to me. Eventually I found a replacement bracelet on line (I think), with the trash KQ watch still attached. Now it is incoming. Think it will fit?

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Any and all Divers
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Damasko DA42 - DA43 - DA44 - and the rest
Hi all, I do like these watches from Damasko but I have been thinking about selling them, I have so many. Maybe soon (if I can bring myself to do it), meanwhile... some quick pictures.

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Enicar tidbits and timelines
History of ENICAR S.A.
1913 - 1988
Mid 16th century Geneva (Switzerland) became the center of watch making. In 1601 the world's first watchmakers guild was founded in Geneva. Business was flourishing and watchmakers needed qualified workers. The Jura Mountains, north of Geneva, was a low-wage-area, where farmers were offered - as a means of passing the time - to assemble watches. Villages and towns like La Chaux-de-Fonds, Le Locle, Tramelan, Vallée de Joux
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Any and all Seiko Chronographs
Hey guys, I have seen many a Seiko chronograph that doesn't fit the regular guy's taste. I am curious how many of you have a chrono lying around that is not really very collectable...

Here is mine, a 7t42

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Any and all Chronographs
Thanks admin, I really needed this thread. Well, here is my chrono, it is a bit out there but that is why I requested a thread like this. Let us see all those micro brands!

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Going on a trip - and the watch is?
Damn, as a collector it is difficult to decide which watch to wear on a trip. You have choices, right? So I decided to trim it down to just two - one for the day and one for the night...

Criteria are:

Day watch

Takes everything my wrist can
Easily adjustable or flexible steel bracelet

Night watch

Leather band

And the verdict is... Seiko Turtle on Angus Jubilee with Taikonaut ratcheting buckle for daytime and Ball Engineer Master GMT