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7020 excellent fs 5606 most

SOLD Most excellent 5606-7020
This one is cherry and just back from service at my watchmaker shop. LM in all but name, I kinda like the less cluttered white-silver linen dial.[Image: b70f48f87340cd033869e94e88696310.jpg][Image: c102dad5cc38a18836b39b2ac52f004e.jpg][Image: 9bab8b76e04a2cc8c65bff71027da9ae.jpg][Image: 1982a8a9a3ebaaabc2c4bc5a861b45bc.jpg][Image: 6f416b50df8154d3648d9e20b0a0e3f6.jpg][Image: 5cfa6bb652b51a7aeee0d5e257b6850d.jpg][Image: e059446ef178481971f83d86c4e4a9a7.jpg]

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Asking price would be helpful. Looking to get $275 usd.

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Backside pic[Image: 6e958e4223e5ab301b2910f721812b5b.jpg]

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