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b5000 square metal gmw casio full

Casio Full Metal Square GMW-B5000
Recently I noticed some similarities between the Seiko Monster and the Casio Full Metal Square.. What do you think?

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Better response on post RE: Casio Full Metal Square GMW-B5000Well, I think you have a point there. Strong angular lines on a big watch. It is not for everybody though and possibly the Monster wears smaller.

And let us not forget the bracelet is quite unique too. So very easy to size!


Yeah... that is a springbar.
Yup, great watch. Fun to use the resin strap now and again too.

Best choice I think, the metal one. The other ion-plated editions will scratch up ugly I think.

I do think that this watch requires a 185mm wrist at a minimum though. Fair warning.
Agreed there, I see some ridiculous shots of skinny wrists with this watch...


It is like these people that think they can sing... tell it like it is!
Well, it is a G-Shock. Made for burly men - at least most of the models. Just take the smaller models if you are small.
It is of course an affectation, the watch that can withstand anything? Meaning you would be dead already if that truck ran over it or you dropped from 10 meters?
A watch just needs to survive an occasional drop to the floor or a scrape against the wall. Any good quartz will do that, and the smaller the watch the less likely damage is. So, in all, I like the dressy Full Metal Square. Not too big either, so I might just buy it.

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