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ball ii conductor transcendent

Review Ball Conductor Transcendent II
The Conductor as captain of the train, held the ultimate dignity. He also collected fares when folks boarded the train where there was no ticket agent. Since 2000 the Ball Conductor series with the Classic NM1068D and the first Transcendent NM1068D pays homage to the train conductors of the golden age of rail, the railroad counterparts of ships' captains. At the time, the train conductor played a crucial role in providing an exact measurement of time to ensure the trains ran to schedule. In so doing, they actively contributed to improving rail safety. This collection naturally personifies the demand for precision and reliability which initiated chronometry standards still in use to this day.


The minimalist Conductor Series represents the legacy of precision watch making in Ball Watch, so after celebrating its 120th anniversary in 2011, Ball unveiled the Conductor Transcendent II and in so doing made a return to its most authentic collection. In this one timepiece the vintage lines of the first Ball watches are combined with the aesthetic codes and technical performances of contemporary watchmaking. The retro characteristics of the “Conductor” collection are found instinctively in the tonneau-shape. Indeed, the first wristwatch designed by Ball in the 1920s was already a tonneau form. 
Very modern however is the anti-reflective sapphire TV styled crystal, the result of a technical feat in order to create its highly convex form. The transparent caseback, also fitted with a curved sapphire crystal, sits perfectly on the wrist. All these elements combined immediately imbue the Conductor Transcendent with its strong identity.


The dimensions and the design of this new timepiece, measuring 36x47x12mm, have been streamlined to make an elegant watch notable for its timeless classicism, and a refined accessory for the male wrist. The dial is voluntarily restrained although extreme care has been taken with even the smallest details, such as the central circle stamped horizontally and the interior minute graduations. The essential functions of this mechanical timepiece - hours, minutes, central seconds and date - are provided by the automatic-winding ETA 2892-A2 movement. Available with a stainless steel bracelet or crocodile leather strap, the Conductor Transcendent II is certified water resistant to 50 meters and is shock resistant up to 5,000Gs.
The watch indications are perfectly legible in the dark thanks to addition of micro tubes of luminescent 3H tritium gas on the hands and the dial. Ball Watch has again improved the use of this state-of-the-art Swiss technology by attaching the micro tubes on the dial to metal appliques, which will reflect light when the tritium does not yet kick in at night. The new patented process enhances the effect of the micro tubes while also improving the diffusion of the light generated by the tritium gas. This technology is up to 100 times more efficient than conventional luminous paints. 
The patented design of the Arabic numerals, already noticeable in the first Transcendent as a simple font, is also created using micro tubes, and is now part of the iconic luminescent signature of all Ball arabic watches.

Thorough review here! Thanks for posting that beautiful watch - not much info on it out there by the way and I looked..
That dial is pretty strongly curved, which makes it such a eye popping spectacle. And what a great job on the anti-reflective crystal!
Very cool watch! Love those bold dial fonts with tritium - awesome.

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