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6106 ufo 8410 5actus seiko

Seiko 5Actus 6106-8410 UFO
The real UFO
Better response on post Seiko <span class="highlight" style="padding-left: 0px; padding-right: 0px;">5Actus</span> 6106-8410 UFO                        
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Wow! Just wow, what a great watch to behold. And a big mothership of a UFO too. It is like independence day...
I gotta agree here... That is one hell of an impressive watch.. And I for one love that movement, the sound of the rotor spinning... and the accuracy which can be achieved by easy regulation. Also that movement usually has a very good power reserve.
Love those flat links!
What most do not seem to realize is that these large flat links of that bracelet are in fact super comfortable... You can wear the band rather loose and it will keep in place.

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