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quartz that back opening snap

Opening that snap back Quartz...
Better response on post Opening that snap back Quartz...We all know it, that battery will expire... Now do we undertake a trip to the watchmaker of your choice - or god forbid,  local jeweler? Of course not, if you know how it is really easy to open it yourself.

1 - Find a seam (no, not the bezel seam) on the back. It may even be a notch or a tiny slot or hole
2 - Insert the watch in a vise or a case holder, the former is much more stable of course!
3 - use a sharp blade screwdriver - most likely you will have to sand it down to that knife's edge. Take care that the blade is about 5mm broad as  
you might want to pry if it is in the seam.
4 - If possible insert it in the seam, notch, slot etc..
5 - Use a watch hammer and tap it lightly- or bang away if the watch resists (with a ball vise it is really easy to do that - you can just orient the watch vertically)
6 - you might also use a swiss army knife, because you can really tap it on the blunt side of the blade. A vise seems mandatory here.

For snapping the case closed you may possibly have to resort to a Bergeron 5500 press - I bought this because it can be a son of a bitch to reach that case closed moment!

Case closed.
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Yeah, that watch case holder is not always the best option - that ball vise looks awesome!
Have I wrestled with these snap backs! Until I found the solution of course, much like yours and kudos for writing it down for us all. About that ball vise... I posted this before:

I can wholeheartedly recommend a "Bernstein Ball Swivel Vise" for this job - but I don't know if it is available in the US. It's rock solid, but not the cheapest option, though.

That would be this one... about 150 euro..

Just what I need... more tools lol. I wanna buy watches not repair them... Oh wait, that is even more expensive, it all goes to my watchmaker.

So, great stuff. I will give it a try.
Yes! Screwdriver and hammer works for me. But do keep the watch vertical or it won't work..
Good tips here gents, thanks. From now on I will open my own...

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