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bargains strap leather

Leather Strap Bargains
Thanks guys, some nice tips in here...
Adminishing the #$@ out of it
Great thread guys - keep it coming...
(08-19-2017, 08:26 PM)Collectionist Wrote: Hey guys I recommend this simple calf leather strap, mostly unstitched. You can cut this one to size and it will not fray! It is just 18 euro shipped.

Yep, got it! Thanks for the tip. It is currently on my Speedmaster.

It is working great with the Speedy!
(08-19-2017, 08:00 PM)OldMcDonalds Wrote: Sometimes you just find the perfect strap, it is cheap but of high quality. Time to share, no?

A Morellato strap for 11 euro shipped to your doorstep? It has got to be garbage? No, they are usually much more expensive. This one however measures 7,5cm short end and 11,5cm long end, maybe that is the reason - I could not find any other Morellato straps at this size or price point. This is just perfect for me, as I consider most straps too long at 80mmx120mm. (Even a Hirsch Duke M is 75mmx105mm).
I ordered two already, so you are welcome to the rest.... Below a picture featuring the strap.

That is indeed a beautiful strap for small wrists! Ordered one.. tx.

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