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russian amp ultra luch cushion slim 2209

Luch 2209 Ultra Slim & Cushion
Better response on post Luch 2209 Ultra Slim & CushionWell, here is the promised update. I am duly impressed by the ultra slim design (which is second to none in my opinion) and the gold capped cushion, even though they are a bit rough and dusty. I will have to clean up the dial and inside of the crystal one day - but currently I will enjoy them as they are: rough Politburo watches.
The Ultra slim is so slim by the way that the case is clear from the surface below it by at least 5 mm!



I found the "other Russian", meaning that there are variations of the ultra slim of course. This one is a black dial 2209... The photos are low res, but hey, they are not mine.

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Great watches, I love the Silver dial one.
Thanks, I am researching Luch and I thought this one might be an early example of the logo they used with the 2209 movement inside. Can't get that confirmed though.
Nice watches, but I always see them depicted with cheap plastic straps... why is that?
Hehe... picking a fight eh Brawler? But seriously, I think these watches are so cheap that I just don't bother switching to leather. I might though.
I voted, but I wouldn't mind owning both of them.... There is something to be said for old school design and that bubble plexi.... that adds a warm and soft touch to the watch.
I am always wondering why these Russians do not pimp their watchhands... They are always so simple.
What a nice find! Usually you see all these beat up watches with "patina". I don't go for that...

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