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drive 50e at4010 citizen radio eco

Titanium Citizen AT4010-50E
Better response on post Citizen AT4010-50EHey guys, I am liking this one a lot! Anyone else? I am thinking of writing a review on it to qualify for the raffles. But maybe this is sufficient? let me know.


This Ecodrive Citizen is very nice indeed. The titanium construction is very lightweight and comfortable. It would be a pointless to replace it with any aftermarket strap! It is brushed with polished inserts by the way.
After checking the on-line atomic time with my watch (it resets nightly on the radio signal) it was set to the correct time to the second! Really, the high tech nature of this watch is the ultimate for anyone that wants a sporty watch that never needs to be adjusted or batteries added! All that is needed is a little light to keep things going!
I doubt that I will use the Tachymeter, but it is nice, the chrono is more useful to me.. Below some specs…

  • Atomic timekeeping in five different zones
  • Eco-Drive solar power
  • Perpetual calendar
  • 1 Second chrono up to 60 minutes
  • Alarm
  • Day and Date
  • PR indication
  • AR sapphire glass
  • WR to 200 meters (660 feet)
  • Tachymeter
  • Titanium!
  • 42mm case 
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Thanks for the review! I bought a Skyhawk Titanium many years ago for the Eco-drive, light weight and ease of change between time zones. But I don't like the busy look of the dial and prefer a more traditional watch with the same features. This AT seems to have everything I need. Does anyone have any views on how the two compare when it comes to size and weight?
Better response on post Citizen AT4010-50EMaybe go for the Citizen Attesa Model AT8040-57E with Duratect Titanium? It is more serene as compared to the Skyhawk line and a bit smaller in size (weighs just 84 grams!). It is a nice watch but costs a few hundred more than the 50E model. But you just can't beat comfort and tool set of these watches.
Oh boy, all these complications! That is rocket science to me, when I get into a different time-zone I just adjust the hour hand, no big deal really... A basic three hander will do nicely thank you. Moreover, a watch is nice to fiddle with from time to time no? I don't need a hands off watch that never has to be reset, but, and there is the rub, when it does.... you don't know anymore how to!
Well, I am not really into Citizen but it looks like a watch that is best for the grab and go situations?
Any solar or Quartz watch is in my opinion. But the fact remains that I am never in haste so much that I cannot pick and choose any of my hand wound watches for the day or night...
You know of course that the Citizen AT4010-50E uses atomic radio time synched via radio waves from specific stations in the world. If you are not close enough you may miss out. Watches like Seiko Astron however - and the Citizen Satellite Wave - rely on GPS satellites.. meaning you will have accurate time updates from any spot on the planet.
Adminishing the #$@ out of it
Better response on post Citizen AT4010-50EI do know, but I don't mind.... here are some more shots


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