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Thursday's wear
So, currently loving this old vintage... Seiko Bussiness. It's fun to use two items from my add collection. It is a shame they never used that B-logo!

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Preventing Crown Thread Wear
I have several (vintage) watches that suffer from a difficult thread when screwing with the crown (pun intended). You just push the crown in and gently try if it will screw. If there is firm resistance, turn the other way around a bit and try again. Do this repeatedly until the crown will screw on easily at last. Works for me!
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Who would wear Laco?
Well now... this one man could - no?

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Real men wear real watches
Real men wear real watches


Their guns lifted in unison and bullets flew. 
The company officers signaled with their whistles, men rose from the trenches and rushed forward. 
Another attack timed to perfection. 

This is what a watch can do, it is not that I favor the military, I favor the use of a watch as a tool for time - and yes, beauty. All men like beautiful things don't they? Probably more so than women - we stare at it all the time... St