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The King Seiko Vanac - glitz from the seventies
The King Seiko Vanac was manufactured between 1972 and 1974 only, in a number of variations, but all sporting colorful dials, facetted crystals and angular cases. Both Seiko production plants contributed, Suwa with the standard KS 5626 caliber and Daini with the 5246 and 5256 calibers that exist in some normal KS but are most common as Vanacs. 
A Vanac is basically/exceptionally a KS with added extras, faceted glass, a gold bezel, a high quality bracelet (no folded metal links here) drilled lug
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King Seiko Vanac 5626-7250
Well, as I stated I caved, so here are the good pictures of this purple dialed Vanac.

Author: Vaargens - Replies: 1 - Views: 1787
The King Seiko Vanac Crown Situation
In my research of the King seiko Vanac I encountered some less obvious variations than caliber, facetted glass, integrated bracelets and such. It is the plain unadorned crown that worried me when buying Vanacs, and not being able to find anything on this issue. But eventually I had to assume some Vanac models are relatively spartan and just have a focus on case, dial and crystal design. Below you will see some pictures that demonstrate my contention: that some Vanacs have a simple slightly bulgi
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The King Seiko Vanac - glitz from the seventies
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King Seiko Vanac 5626-7160
Just bought another Vanac to restore! This one may need a new crystal - which I have already found. Now I will have to wait for my watchmaker to return from his vacationing... and of course the watch still has to arrive from Japan!

But, meanwhile... it is near perfect!

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King Seiko Vanac Adverts
Here they are - the glitzy kings, all together.

Author: SeikoMan - Replies: 3 - Views: 1696
King Seiko Vanac Triplets
Well, it doesn't happen very often, some collector showing off his Vanacs... So here it is, three fully serviced minty Vanacs!


That is pure watchporn if I say so myself!
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King Seiko Vanac 5626-723A
I call this "blue Ice"..