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Saturday in Style
hah! I'll create the Saturday WRUW. Maybe a bit early... This one!

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An in house movement does not guarantee quality
I believe some brands like Omega are slipping in their quality control. I have read the most appalling stories. Even Seiko is going down the drain with chapter ring misalignment issues.
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A screw-in crown is redundant
Just noticed that you always need a gasket to seal it. So a push crown will do the job nicely for us that only shower or swim.
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Just checking in
Hey now, did I register? Guess not. Nice forum guys, be seeing you.

Yeah, lot of work to post this way.
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Ball Conductor Classic in pictures
This is the NM1068D-LJ-BK... The Conductor was made in many variations.


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All Favre-Leuba watches seem to be in/from India?
I have a nice Favre Leuba watch myself and was trying to find some more for my watch collection, however on the E bay they all seem to be from india, with bright faces...
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Watches worn in movies
Here is an interesting compilation to start off with... James Bond