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Grand Seiko reborn
[size=medium]In 1988 the 9581 was Seiko’s first forage into GS territory after the GS brand was abandoned in the early seventies, as the Grand Quartz was in the late seventies. Seiko dropped the Grand Quartz brand in favour of Grand Seiko, with GS also in the dial. In reviving GS as a quartz collection in 1988, it was imperative that the Japanese Manufacture developed a Voltage Compensated Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (VCTCXO) module, which features both thermo-compensation and a r
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Grand Quartz – a decade of innovation
Grand in Gold
The Seiko Grand Quartz first appeared with four models in the 1975 Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) catalogue, in white and yellow gold only. One should not mix these up with the Quartzes of 1974, the 38SQW V.F.A, 39SQW V.F.A or 38QTW, 39QTW, -QRW, QRC, QT etc. Prices of these would vary… but the Grand Seiko was now only second best, depicted here in the ’74 catalogue as cheaper, as separate and to the lower right of the new fangled quartzes! 


The SQW an
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Grand Seiko
These are nice too.... You can compare them quickly this way. Not to be mixed up with Grand Quartz!





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Seiko Grand Quartz 9940-8000
A true classic, simple and distinguished. It is the watch I would never sell as it epitomizes elegance. From 1978.

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Seiko Grand Quartz 9940-7020
This unusual watch is also in my collection, the butch brother to the 9940-8000.

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Seiko Grand Quartz 9943-800A
A rare blue dialed GQ. Sold it sadly, I just could not bond with it. I opted for the blue dialed King Quartz 9923-7000, don't know why... Check it out at the King Quartz section...

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FS: Seiko Grand Quartz 4843-5100
SOLD - Asking 250 euro to your doorstep...

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Seiko Grand Quartz 9943-8030
Hello all, Seikoman has a beautiful collection it seems. But here is one of mine.

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Seiko Grand Quartz 4842-8041
My first Grand Quartz:

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Grand Seiko 4520-8000
Pictures of my Grand Seiko 4520-8000.


Last picture is of course a mandatory GS buckle  Tongue
Most expensive buckle ever!

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Grand Seiko SBGF021
Hey guys, since I wrote about it I guess I could upload the full gallery.

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Grand Seiko 5646-7010
Fresh off the boat from Japan.

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A Grand Seiko is just a Seiko
Just trying to get the GS boys to come out of the woodwork  - A GS, that is just a Seiko in my opinion because it too uses the typical fanatical Seiko finishing technique. Well, maybe the zaratsu is different... Finally, is the GS mechanical really that much better than the King Seiko?
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Grand Seiko 6145-8000
I like the shape of the case although it looks very much the same as my Grand Seiko 4520-8000.
The case is only a bit thicker.

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Seiko Grand Quartz 9943-8030 with light cream patina
I have to say that this Aged to perfection forum struck a chord with me. It is what attracts me most about this Grand Quartz. Also, why would patina be the province of high end watches? I say no, and so, here are some photos...

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Grand Seiko 8J56 or similar

Looking for a Grand Seiko quartz 8J56 or similar.



Wrong topic but you get it - 8J56.
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Grand Seiko 4520-8000 vs. Grand Seiko 6145-8000
This post is not really a review but a comparison between the two watches I own.
The first part gives some general information and summarizes the specifications of the watches.
In the second part I will get into the watches I own. 
I'll refer to these watches by 45GS and 61GS.
In pictures with 2 watches on the left is always the 45GS and on the right is the 61GS.

Both watches were produced at the same time between 1968 and 1974 
(Some sources claim the watches were produced until 1970 or
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The Grand Seiko killer
This seems like a fun idea. I just mentioned it on the Ball forum... the Trainmaster Legend may just match the Grand Seiko!
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Grand Seiko SBGX009
Hello everyone ! 

Here is my lovely SBGX009, a watch that I acquired a few months. 

Though certainly not Grand Seiko's most spectacular effort, it is a watch that I learnt how to love. It is discreet, but gleams to the trained eye like a lady in love. 

Some crappy cellphone pics : 

[Image: https://image.ibb.co/n7xBz5/20170818_195008_Copie.jpg]

[Image: https://image.ibb.co/jNjDCQ/20170818_195109_Copie.jpg]

[Image: https://image.ibb.co/i6CGXQ/20170818_195128.jpg]
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Grand Seiko SBGX059
Here is one of the watches I sold a while ago. I never regretted it as it had one serious flaw - yes, a GS with a flaw... It was to damn mesmerizing! I couldn't get my eyes off it too just tell the time, I always had to look for I know not what. It was not immediately legible, if you know what I mean. And that is what I need in a watch - legibility first, beauty next.