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Speedmasters for everybody
I have been for quite a while now interested in acquiring a Speedy. But - they are too expensive as compared to the Seamasters. Is everybody dealing in these? There is just so many of them for sale! I suppose I could go for a reduced, but I am told that they are not collectible (if I ever want to sell it). Opinions gentlemen?
Just a few pics to spice things up...

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For the timid?
Cute idea admin. Curious to see who will post here... and what is the main subject matter...
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Vintage watches are ideal for women
I will make this short and sweet, just like my lovable real life self. I found that vintage watches, which are usually sized at 34 to 36 mm, are just perfect for my wrist. They are also perfect for my wallet as I can get them cheaply, they do make a lovely combo with any leather strap you  might choose. So, vintage is unisex!
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Ball watches for women
What I do like about Ball is that they always include a female sized watch for many of their models, like the Fireman. Shouldn't they be just called "Firewoman" - I am sure there are ladies present in the firemen corps right?

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Ball for BMW
This is a beautiful watch, but I fail to see what it has to do with BMW's styling in any way... That logo stuck on the dial is just childish..

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SOLD : Grand Seiko SBGX009
SOLD for 1200 Euros somewhere else. 

Sadly, I have to let this beauty go its own way. The SBGW001 came along, and it represents a tremendous competition. 

I've opened a thread about it here : https://www.watchiwant.com/showthread.php?tid=375

Additional pictures would of course be provided, should the need arise. 

I'll let it go for 1250 EUR, express shipping and PayPal fees included. 

Feel free to shoot a line my way, I'
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Things to do before you spring for that new watch
Things to do before you spring for that new watch

From one victim to another, I would like to share my experience of cognitive dissonance when it comes to getting yourself that new watch - be it a shining new piece from a store or a vintage piece from off the shelf, virtual or otherwise.  
With the following, I hope to save you from a bit of remorse when you hit home. For who's to say we're not addicted more to the sensation of getting something new than owning that piece of mechanica
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One watch for life
I believe most of the men around us could do with one watch - you know, the serial killer owners.... For those of us who frequent forums like this one, only one watch would leave us “unfulfilled”. There’s just too much variety. For me to sell off the collection, buy an Explorer I, and call it good?

I think not. For instance, I just ordered a $150 Seagull A-type flieger while wearing a very expensive Ball Aviator ....most “normal” people would think that to be crazy behavior, but hey, I “neede
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5Actus for hippies
The Seiko 5Actus was a product line launched in the '60s and continued in the '70s, it consisted of both Seiko 5 Actus and the regular Actus - with an emphasis on styling. This particular innovative design was targeted at the baby boomers of that time but remains in demand with vintage watch collectors right up to the current day and age. It is after all the very first Helmet design, which would be reiterated in the 6139 helmets.
The 5Actus seems to come in both rather conventional and "mod" de
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Seiko Advan - glitz for the young
The Seiko Advan as in "advanced design" is a watch typical of the affluent seventies. This mid range innovative watch was targeted at the richer baby boomers of that time but remains in demand with vintage watch collectors right up to the current day and age.
This particular model is of course asymmetric and for that reason alone very rarely seen. It has many features in common with the lower end 5Actus and the higher end King Seiko Vanac, like achieving the glitz, sparkle and light reflections
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Greens for the Alpinist 017
Time for some straps for the green boy - with green.

Would this be too much?


I suppose better than this? These colors do not complement or match!


Hmmm.... maybe.


Oh well, the more I see them the more I think "brown"!


Let me know what you think will you...