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The affordable diver
Whenever someone asks the question “I don’t know anything about divers, which dive watch should I start with?” online, you can guarantee the Amphibia is going to be mentioned, along with the Seiko SKX007 and usually the Orient Mako II. So read up on the Vostok thread hereabouts will you. You can get them new for cheap, vintage for - well, not. What is that? Vintage is more expensive? The affordable vintage usually is, and therefore there is some fun in the hunt for the original and the quirky. A
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Tuesday Timed Cheaply
I have been seeing a lot of top dollar watches come by, and a lot of those are unattainable for me (right now). So, it seems a cheap ass thread about your shabby watch that you have the gumption to just wear out in public could be warranted.

Here is mine, it has problems: