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a introduction bell matic

A Bell-Matic introduction
The Seiko Bell-matic is a family of automatic watches characterized by having a mechanical alarm that can be set by an internal rotating bezel and activated/deactivated by a pusher located near the 2:00 position of the case. They were available in a wide range of styles and models during the late 60’s and 70’s and featured some of the largest non-diver cases produced by Seiko at that time. They are predominantly powered by a variant of the 4006 caliber of movements.


How you set the alarm is simple. Pull the crown out to the first position and rotate counter clockwise until the red marker is pointing towards the time you want it to go off.  Press the crown in, wind, then pull the button at 2 o’clock. When the hour hand points to the time, a little bell rings, much like an old fashioned alarm clock. The alarm works by a mechanical hammer pounding on sounding spring and it is for a good 10 seconds only. If you are an antique watch lover, the ring tones give you the pleasure of nostalgia....
In addition to these functions the crown also serves to set the time and the alarm button can quick-set the date. But don't go pressing the quick set date button anywhere near the 24 hour day/date change or else you could cause damage or problems to the mechanism.
There is no quick-set feature for the day. The day can be set by turning the crown from 10:30PM to 2AM, repeating this back-and-forth until the desired day is reached. Do this until the day is one day before the current one and set the time to 6:00am. Then push the button until the date is one day before the current one. Now pull the crown back out and swing the hands forward until the day/date change and set the proper time.
The Seiko 4006A movement cannot be hand wound. It has a frequency of 19,800 A/h and has a power reserve of 42 hours.

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Wow, I don't generally like gold but this one is exceptional.
Old and gold. Ok, I guess - but I prefer the modern type of watch. You know the ones you can see on your wrist lol
Awesome that manual!
(05-23-2017, 01:24 PM)SeikoPsycho Wrote: Awesome that manual!

Agreed, just try to find something like that (and I mean not the scans!)

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