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extensible emporium clasp

Discussion Extensible clasp emporium
Better response on post Extensible clasp emporiumI knew about the ratcheting clasp and the dive clasp extension, but there are other types to be found. Behold the glide lock which can be found on the Rolex bracelets or the Parnis. Now I am on the quest to find a cheap one! Anyone?

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Subscribed since I'm looking for another one. I've not been able to find anything but a couple of replacement glide-lock clasps that may or may not be Parnis. Thee were on eBay, one out of CA and one out of Israel. They were in the $50 range. I got spoiled by the clasp on my Ginault (which is glorious BTW). 

I ended up buying a Parnis Batman at auction with the intention of taking off the bracelet and reselling the head. This clasp is good but not as smooth as the Ginault. 

I will note though, it is a clasp that will work for a 20 mm to 16 mm tapered bracelet. The clasp inner width is 16mm.
This may not be the answer you're looking for, but Strapcode sells a bracelet with an excellent ratchet glide-lock clasp, that is adjustable while being worn. Clean and well constructed; better than the Parnis clasp (I have a Parnis Batman too). The straps are particular to specific watches, however, so you may be forced to get one with straight end links for case / lug fitment.

If you're looking for just a clasp, then I'd suggest a deep-dive Ebay search, or similar Google-fu. I've never found such a clasp that wasn't part of a whole bracelet package. Maybe a just the bracelet is available from a China / Hong Kong seller?

Good luck.
Definitely need 20mm on the inside of the clasp. Time to search the dark corners of the internet where if you're not careful you'll get the bath salts that turn you into a face-eating zombie...
Better response on post Extensible clasp emporiumHogwash... 18 or 16mm it is. My Turtle on a strapcode with a ratcheting clasp from Taikonaut has a inner dimension of 18mm. Vintage watches usually have 16mm (but use a spring loaded buckle extender for that).
The Rolex Glide Lock has an extension too.. Not all glide locks have that -they just glide..
Good tips here gents! Thanks, as stated, all these short bracelets can now be worn.

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