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universe scifi watch

Picture heavy SciFi watch universe
Better response on post SciFi watch universeI promised to make a thread of it.... Maybe contributors will repost here or the admin will help out? I will repost my scary Cylon Sentient Ship watch (Battlestar Galactica):

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Of course, this is a great thread! Good stuff. This watch (Yal watch design) will electrocute your opponent...

A Klingon would go for the spiky weapon watch...


This one is a bit lame by comparison:


Oops not forgetting the link to buy these.... here.
And here is the BORG watch... You will be assimilated for sure. Buy it here


Ok, Ok this is how it works...


A Unusual LED Watch Design
Alien in appearance, the case features a contoured undulating effect, as if the metal itself is alive. With a linked stainless steel strap designed to wrap around your wrist, the watch is finished with a simple fold over clasp.

Available in brushed silver or brushed gunmetal with multi-colored LEDs.
An Easy To Read LED Time Display
The modern 12-5-9 system is used to display the time. Press the button on the right and an alien animation sparks the watch into life before the time is shown. A second touch of the button skips this function, presenting the time instantly.

Moving clockwise from the top of the display, the first two lines of LEDs indicates hours 1-12, each LED indicating one hour. The third line of LEDs indicates groups of 10 minutes, 10-50, one LED indicating 10 minutes. The final two lines indicate single minutes 1-9, one LED representing each single minute.

Check out the diagram below to find out more. A PDF user manual is available to download at the bottom of the page which includes more detailed information.

Actually that Yal design is also Borg for sure...
Crazy watches guys! But here is some more great design... Yes, also from Tokyoflash... but this video is nice demo.

Or this one?

Great thread guys - I put it in its proper place for you.
Adminishing the #$@ out of it
Great Japanese design - and still seems to be JDM! That it as of old as with the crazy & high end Seiko's. Cool.
A lot of those watches are great design, but they do take a lot out of the traditional design esthetics. It is too much of a time leap for me...
I fully agree - I like it when traditional design esthetics are brought to new heights, like Omega, Ball, Grand Seiko can... The level of detail is a very important factor in that and these concept watches are usually missing that. Now if Omega or Seiko would do some of this... like they have done in the past, you get great watches.
Or Bulova - a surprising fact is that a lot of brands have done crazy things in the seventies. Check this out. The Computron LCD.

And Seiko (Alba) did...

That Alba is one cool watch! NOS too!
Thanks guys - great stuff..
Hey, I like this thread, no matter the low view count... We are a bunch of conservative watch aficionados it seems.

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